Dear Mount Vernon Christian School Families:

We have had a wonderful start to the school year. Students are in classrooms learning, spending time together in conversation and back to activities at recess and sports practices. Our participation and enthusiasm are unprecedented and the campus is alive. There are a couple of developments, changes and updates we wanted to share with everyone. We are always seeking to do our best and that often requires experience first. 

As we work to develop the whole child and partner with you, we want to communicate four things at the start of this school year. First, thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to work with this group of students. We take the opportunity, the calling and the task very seriously; we do not take it for granted. As we work with this group of image bearers in the task of guiding them as disciples of Jesus, we thank you for partnering with us. Second, we need your prayers. We ask you to pray for us as a faculty and staff. Pray that God gives us wisdom and discernment as we teach, model, guide and encourage. Pray for our students as they learn and grow that they would invest deeply and flourish. Pray for the MVC community and beyond as we continue to navigate the world we live in and our calling to serve God and neighbor. Third, we extend to you an invitation. You are invited to campus to attend athletic games and all school chapels when they occur. You are invited into your child's learning through updates, google classroom and renweb. You are invited to help us through volunteering and assisting in events. You are invited into a partnership which invests deeply in a process of growth with a purpose to serve. Fourth, we ask you to let go and let God. We ask for you to let go of their hand, so we can take it from you and bring them down the hall. We ask for you to let go of some conversations as your children grow so they can engage with teachers and friends. We ask for you to let God move through the work we do this school year.