October 31, 2022

Dear Mount Vernon Christian School Families:

We have already finished the first quarter of the school year and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I love holidays. I enjoy time with family, great food, watching football, and setting aside time to focus on specific Christian disciplines and past events. I do think it is strange however when I see Christmas decorations for sale in mid-October. I want everyone to let us enjoy Pumpkin Spice for a little while before we move on to Peppermint Mocha. Our school campus at times operates a bit like a department store. We too are planning for, and are engaged in the activities of the next season while we wrap up the current season. We hear the Christmas music being practiced in October, we plan for courses that will begin in January, and we have teams wrapping up seasons while other activities are already beginning. In these times of anticipation and planning, we can miss the here and now. So, as we think about Thanksgiving and Christmas let's pause and consider today, Reformation Day.

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Whittenberg. God was on the move and through Martin Luther and other Reformers, we have the very foundational thoughts and writing that underpin who we are as a school and why we do what we do. We hold to the five Solas of the Reformation; “Scripture Alone” in this we find authority, “Christ Alone” in this we find redemption, “Faith Alone” in this we find justification, “Grace Alone” in this we find mercy, “Glory to God Alone” in this we find purpose. Because God moved through His people over 500 years ago on this day, we, as a school, get to teach and learn these things so more students can work for the “Glory of God Alone” here in the Skagit Valley.

General Information/Reminders:

  • Our neighbors have asked us not to block driveways, use them as a turnaround, or use them as our pick-up spots for students. Specifically, do not block or use the MVSD bus driveway as your pick-up spot for students. Let's be great neighbors.

  • Planned Absences: Two things on this. First, if you are planning to be absent because of a trip or vacation, please see the office for the proper paperwork. Second, we learned in the past two years that in-person education works better. If you are absent, you will be missing the best opportunity to learn. We are no longer a remote learning school so when you are absent you will need to make up the work while you are away or soon after you return. We are not offering online platforms or creating packets for students to take with them.

  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress was released last week. This is basically a report card on how students are progressing nationally. The results showed massive declines in student achievement. To quote the authors, “the national average score declines in mathematics for fourth- and eighth-graders were the largest ever recorded in that subject.” The assessment was completed in the Spring of 2022. Some of you may want to know how MVC did on our Spring Assessments in 2022. I summarized them below and included a link to the OSPI site if you want to see how our area schools are doing. Our scores are a testament to the quality Christian educators who serve MVC, the families who are dedicated to the process, and our students' efforts.

    • Cost of Education Per Student $9,500

    • Students 4 & 8 meeting grade-level standards

      • 4th Reading    100%

      • 4th Math    94%

      • 8th Reading    98%

      • 8th Math     96%

    • 4 Year Graduation Rate 100%

    • Students Regularly Attend 100%

    • In High School we measure College Readiness which is more difficult than grade level standard. We exceed the National Ready and Exceeding percentiles in every category. 

      • College Composition Readiness 94-99% (National 44%)

      • Reading 82-88% (National 44%)

      • Math 78-86% (National 35%)

      • Science 77-83% (National 29%)

    • Washington School Report Cards (If you like to dig into data)

  • We invite you to follow us via social media to get an inside look at what is happening on campus and what lies ahead. If you do not have social media you can still follow all of our posts through our new website live feed or through our MVC APP Live feed. We also launched our Sideline Store last week for all the Hurricane Gear you need. It is a great Christmas gift idea. Here is the link to the  MVC Hurricanes Sideline Store. Make sure to use the code SPIRIT15 for the month of November to get a 15% Discount on everything. Some of our families and constituents have made their your own MVC gear or have had things printed by other vendors. Now that we have an exclusive agreement and store we respectfully ask that you do not continue to do this. Mount Vernon Christian School grants permission to specific vendors to use our organization names, nicknames, logos, mascots, and other artwork, designs, and trademarks within our user guidelines. This use and these vendors are the only ones who have the permission to do so. Thank you for respecting our images, likeness and identity.

Thank you again for your continued support of MVC. We have been blessed beyond measure. We will continue to pray for discernment, wisdom, and grace.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Jeffrey A. Droog, Superintendent